Upgrade your Gateway FX P-Series Laptop with a “Blu-Ray Drive”

This Upgrade Applies to All or Most models starting from Gateway P-Series FX 6831 and P-171  S -X -XL series editions

Im using the P-6831 FX edition as a example since all Gateway FX Laptops have the same chassis


**Please Note This Upgrade does not Apply to the GateWay P-Series FX 7805-7811 Series (DVD-Drive Interface is SATA) **

**Gateway P-Series FX 7805-7811 can use this Guide but the Blu-Ray drive has to be SATA interface Check Pic Below **


You can easily find Blu-ray Drives at Ebay or Other Vendors at price ranges between $100.00 to $200.00 depending on your taste of brand or if you want a player or burner

Also NewEgg Sells Blu-ray Burners and players too

*** Thanks for the Links ***  (Jerry Berkel)

NewEgg Sony Blu-ray Slim-Drive (Sony Optiarc Black BC-5500H-01)

NewEgg Sony Blu-ray slim-Drive Burner (Sony SATA Blu-ray Burner BD-5730S-01)

Here are Links to some Blu-ray Drive Sellers on Ebay





Here are some common models of SATA drives  below

*Tray Loading Sony Optiarc BC-5500S_ SATA Blu-ray*

**(Very Rare) Slot Loading Sony NEC Optiarc BC-5600S-01 _SATA  Blu-ray**

*LG Blu-Ray Slim tray loading GBW-T10N 4X SATA Blu Ray Writer*

*Panasonic Slot Loading SATA UJ-135_SATA Blu-Ray *


*GateWay P-series 6831FX and P-171  S -X -XL series editions Use a PATA interface Check Pic Below*


Just Remember….before you start……

P-series 6831FX and P-171  S -X -XL series editions Use a *PATA interface*

P-series FX 7805-7811 series editions Use a *SATA interface*


Ok lets start..!!!

Step 1A

Box Arrived at Door in Fedex package “One” (Sony Blu-Ray-DVD-RW model number BC-5500A)


Step 1b

Open Box Inspect you New Blu-ray drive for any Defects (Pic Shows Front view of Drive bezel)


Step 1C

Check the Model number and Specs of your Blu-ray drive.Make sure its the right one ..

(Pic shows model number and date made and where it came from)


Step 1D

Tools are Important  Im using tools that i purchased at a local [Harbor freight]store

1 Flathead 1/8

1 phillips #0

Precision tool from Home Depot or Lowe are good

If you are really Working on your laptop i would get a good high quality set

Wiha make the best ones..:)


Step 1E

The “Laptop” Gateway FX P-6831 (Pic shows the right-side view where the DVD drive is located)


Step 1F

The “DVD Drive” (Pic shows the DVD-drive that we are going to swap with a Blu-ray drive)


Step 2A

Bottom of the Gateway FX Laptop


Step 2B

Battery removel

When working on anything with your laptop always take out your battery..



Step 3A-3B-3C

“Hidden Screw” On the Bottom right side of your laptop  there is a Rubber tab under this tab is the screw that needs to be taken out so you can “swap out” you Old DVD-drive with a New Blu-Ray drive (Pic shows where it is located)

When you have located this Rubber tab all you have to do is take you flat head screw driver and “Pop” the rubber tab this will expose your screw Make sure you keep the rubber tab on the side for later



Step 4A-4B

Unscrew the screw and keep it on the side for later



Step 4C-4D-4E

With a FlatHead Screw driver use it to push the Bracket that hold the DVD-drive (Pics 4C-4D)

Drive will pop out about half a inch just use your hand to pull the DVD-drive out (Pic 4E)



Step 5A-5B-5C

Inspect the Backend of your DVD-Drive for any defect or damage (Pic 5A show PATA interface of DVD-Drive)

Take the Bracket of the Old DVD-Drive and Swap it with your New Blu-ray drive (Pic s 5B and 5C show Bracket and two small screws)



Step 5D-5E

Place both your DVD-Drive and Blu-Ray Drive and “stack them” together just double check to see if they are the right size

(Pics 5D and 5E show both drives)


Step 6A-6B-7A-7B

“Bezel removel” One of the harder parts when swapping out drives in your laptop

The easiest way to do this is start from the end of your drive and use left hand with your index finger to pry ‘gently” the bezel and use your right hand as you hold the base of the drive.You should be able to loosen one end of the bezel and the rest of it should come off

Swap out the bezel from your Old drive and place it on your New Blu-ray drive

(Pics 6A and 6B show bezel removel and swap of both drives Pics 7A-7B show backend and front of DVD drive bezel)



Step 8A-8B-8C

Reverse everything you have done and enjoy

Just a few pics of the inside optics of the DVD drive and Blu-Ray drives




Check out the you tube Video of the Gateway FX P-Series Upgrade

Software for Blu-Ray playback

Power DVD 9.0

BD Advisor

Nvidia  Notebook Drivers WHQL recommanded

Blu-Ray Links and Useful Info

How To’s Blu-ray


What is Blu-Ray??

Blu-Ray Advisor

Blu-Ray specs

Blu-ray Wiki

42 Responses to “Upgrade your Gateway FX P-Series Laptop with a “Blu-Ray Drive””

  1. where do I get a sata bluray drive for 7805u?

    • You can check ebay or Newegg.com for Blu-ray drives
      For the Gateway FX P-7805u. Your Laptop model DVD drive is a SATA interface
      Here are some SATA Slim Blu-Ray drive Models

      LG GBW-T10N 4x Blu Ray Writer / SATA Slimline Bare Drive, 12.7mm Slim Drive

      Sony Optric BC-5600S 2x Blue Ray Writer / SATA Slimline Bare Drive, 12.7mm Slim Drive

      Also try a Google Search on SATA Slim Blu-ray Drives for your Gateway FX laptop

      Good Luck

  2. the Sony 5600s is a slot the 5500s has a tray ? right 🙂
    I am looking for the 5500s to put in my laptop.

  3. will the output from this laptop/DVD player be 1080P ? i’ve gotten it to work on my 720 television, but didn’t check what the TV read as the input signal. with any of the programs you listed, is there option to select the output type? or is that a basic windows mobility option when connecting to an external monitor?

    • I have tested a 42′ LCD Phillips on the Gateway FX-6831FX with the Blu-ray upgrade
      What i used was Nvidia’s Control options its under the “set up multiple display” And it shows you what your input and output signals when plugged in thought HDMI

      My was reading the 1080p on the 42′ LCD Phillips..I think it depends on what type of Externals you are plugging into LCD.Plasma.LCD monitors..

  4. I just ordered a HLct10n bluray sata for my 7805u will test as soon as it gets here 🙂

  5. hi
    are all drives the same size for laptops? I see some say they are are 9.5 mm height and others say 12.7 which is right? and they are the same drives HL ct 10n?? got me

  6. Ok will a 9.5 fit in to the fx in case I got the wrong one?(maybe fit with a little help) My research thinks its a 12.7 maybe theres a typo at ebay? (HL CT10N bluray sata )

  7. Ok its all good I am now playing bluray on my GW7805FX was like 1 2 3 done 🙂 I found that only 1 movie that wont play and it is Die hard -“with a Vengeance” all others I tryed played fine Useing powerdvd8 ultra and I see it on my lcd tv too but no HD sound just DD sound or DTS other than that I am Very happy!
    next week I am upgradeing the cpu to a P9600 and then I am done. 🙂 !

    • Nice The P9600 should give you a nice boost in quality to your blu-rays and Games
      Yea had the same thing with only games when using HDMI Playing games like World in Conflict had No sound or just normal sounds
      But other games like Need for Speed and Bioshock with HDMI looks very nice
      So far with No problems with Blu-ray playback
      Congrats on a successful Blu-ray upgrade..:)

  8. Hi 🙂
    I was told that these fx s have AUO and LG panels I have a AUO what do you think is LG that much better ? Mine looks fine to me what is it that people are looking at to make or break auo ,lg one being better ?
    thanks 🙂 I looked at mine trying to see why AUO is such a under dog,, I dont see it ?

    • “Made in China”…:) We all know that all the Big companys like Sony,HP,Apple ..etc.
      Go to China to have all there products produced.From what your saying i think that the Factory that was Making the Gateway FX P-7000 Series

      They “ran out” of a type of LCD screen and had to find a quick replacement.Not know what to do they called a few supply companys and found a
      large amount to fill they production Order.

      “See what im get at”..:) I dont think they knew what they where doing.The chinese factory just had to assemble the Laptops and send them to USA as fast as they can
      So Most Gateways FX P-series 7000 have LG or Other types of Screens (Resolution ranging from 1680×1050 WSXGA+, and 1920×1200 WUXGA

      The luck ones with differnet models will get a nice 1920×1200 WUXGA…:) and others might get something esle

  9. Jimmy Thew Says:

    Hey mate nice work
    I have a gateway T6330U same generation as yours.
    Was you original dvd drive a Sony AD 7563A?
    I’ve gone and spilt beer all over mine and it flooded the disk drive. Ive managed to get the laptop working however the disk drive definatly needs replacing.

    If so i can replace it with one of these

    • My original drive for my gateway P-6831FX was a
      Pioneer DVR-K17TBF DVD-R/RW

      And the question to your answer is (Maybe)
      The Specs for your gateway “may” or “may not” be Up to Spec for Blu-Ray
      Try the Blu-ray advisory to see if you Laptop is compatible
      You can Download here Blu-ray Advisory

  10. Incredible site!

  11. Hi,
    I installed this drive today, I have a P7811fx, and bought this drive from battery seller on eBay. Anyhow, I am not able to read dvd drives, not sure abt bluray, when I insert dvd, it clicks for 5-6 times and then stops. Any idea what may be the problem? do you need to install any drivers for it ?

  12. Miserable Douche Says:

    I ordered a drive from BogieLives off eBay and got an “AACS Error”… unfixable encryption error… now he tells me to pay another 60 Euros for SlySoft AnyDVD HD. Save yourself trouble and don’t buy from BogieLives (or ebay for that matter)

  13. Nice blog! Very interesting themes. I will allways read it. Also subsribed on rss.

  14. Nice blog! Very interesting posts. I will allways read it. May i post your site link on my page?

  15. Anybody know of a guide to remove the screen bezel on the GW FX P-7000 Series?

  16. i have a gateway laptop model nv52 series. can this mod be done with my laptop. if not is there another way of doing so.

    • From the Specs That i have seen on Your Gateway nv52 Series you can “Upgrade to a Blu-Ray drive with No Problem”

      But your LCD screen Resolution is your only downfall its only 1366 x 768 pixel resolution
      You have to have at least 1400 x 1050

      But if you have access to a External LCD Monitor then you are good to Go!!!!

  17. As a Newbie, I am always searching online for articles that can help me. Thank you

  18. Hey, I read a lot of blogs on a daily basis and for the most part, people lack substance but, I just wanted to make a quick comment to say GREAT blog!…..I”ll be checking in on a regularly now….Keep up the good work! 🙂

    – Marc Shaw

  19. Iceman21590 Says:

    Will this work on the M-6850FX?

  20. Does anyone know if this will work with the 7915u from Best Buy?

  21. This is a great resource that you are providing for free. I need to bookmark this web site so I can visit next week and remain in touch with any future updates.

  22. I know this is really boring and you are skipping to the next comment, but I just wanted to throw you a big thanks – you cleared up some things for me!

  23. jerry berkel Says:

    hi, i have the p-7805u with the 1920×1200 resolution screen. i did as you said and looked on newegg and found this drive.(.Sony Optiarc Black 4X BD-ROM 8X DVD-ROM 24X CD-ROM SATA Slim Internal 12.7mm Tray Blu-ray COMBO Model BC-5500H-01 – OEM)..will it work in my laptop. I am wanting a bluray drive and want to make sure this is the right one, thanx
    btw, this is the link for that drive as well

  24. jerry berkel Says:

    this is the burner versio
    n SONY Black 6X BD-R 2X BD-RE 8X DVD+R 5X DVD-RAM 6X BD-ROM 4.5 Mbyte Cache SATA Blu-ray Burner BD-5730S-01 – OEM

  25. Mark Crabtree Says:

    I was looking around and found your great website. I have a P-6831 and I believe that was the same model you used in your pictures. But in looking at the postings my resolution on the laptop is only 1440 x 900 would a blue ray work on mine? Sorry for the confusion and thanks for your help.

  26. I imagine there isn’t a difference fitting wise with the p-6860fx.

  27. excellent post – should be stickied

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