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Call of Duty: World at War Patch 1.5

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List Of Changes of COD 5 (World at War) patch 1.5 (972MB)

* CO-OP hosts can now kick players from their lobby
* Improved dog spawning in MP
* Addressed an issue with Zombie pathing
* Fixed an instance of the player model displaying incorrectly
* Some unhandled exception errors have been addressed
* Improved server browser’s refresh functionality when the Source is set to ‘Favorites’
* Added support for CODTV
* “cg_DrawFPS 1” now only displays FPS and cg ms/frame
* Added RCon command “teamstatus” to display players’ team information

Additionally, the following Modding items have been addressed – modders take note:

* Mods: Added joinsquad script function
* Mods: Players can now join CO-OP lobbies that are hosting map names with more than eighteen characters
* Mods: Users can now load custom maps when the usermaps folder contains fifty or more custom maps
* Mods: Removed the loading of duplicate assets that contributed to the ‘2048 materials’ error
* Mods: Increased the amount of mods displayable in the Mods menu
* Mods: Fixed a crash related to the mod.arena file

You can Download at Patch

Historic guns surrendered in amnesty

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TWO 19th century pistols and a World War II anti-tank rifle are among thousands of weapons surrendered to Victorian police in a month-long amnesty.

Guns, knives and other weapons, like a 19th century police sword, pistol silencer and numchuckers were handed in to Victorian police stations during October.

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