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Crysis 2 PC patch

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A new Crysis 2 PC patch is scheduled to go live later today. Below you will find a list of the top fixes.

List of changes
• Further improved anti-cheat measures
• Fix for spurious characters appearing when initiating text chat
• Fix for Chatlog doesn’t disappear after kill cam
• Fixed occasional login issues
• Changed VOIP defaults
• Fixed some UI aspect issues on multiple monitors
• Added option for crouch toggle in MP & SP
• Fixed a bug where players lost Nano Catalyst points after restarting the game

We’re working hard with our Ranked Server Partners to switch the servers at the same time that the patch goes live – but inevitably this will take time so we ask for your patience. When you launch the game, the patch will auto-download. If you cannot find servers, please exit the game and re-start to ensure the patch has applied.

You can check the version number by selecting Properties on Crysis2.exe and selecting Details. The correct version after patching will be, and the executable will be signed by Crytek GmbH.

Update #1
Added the Nano Catalyst bug to the list of fixed issues. There seems to be a little confusion about the patch so please note, this is not the full list, but rather the key highlights.

For Steam Users
Steam users will experience some prolonged loading times in this patch for which we apologise. We will update the Steam build in the next few days to resolve this issue.


Borderlands (PC) Patch 1.4.1

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Changes in version 1.41:

* Level cap increase of 8 levels for all players.
* Original Borderlands players will now be able to achieve level 58.

* Owners of The Secret Armory of General Knoxx can achieve a record setting increase to a maximum level of 69.
* Enemies now scale to new level caps throughout the whole game as long as playthrough 2 has been completed.
* Item drops (with the exception of COM Decks) will now scale to new enemy level caps.
* DLC4 Achievement/Trophy glitches that have affected some users will now properly award players for obtaining these achievements.

Downloads Links Below

Patch Scrolls

StarCraft 2 Patch 1.1.1

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StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty Patch 1.1.1

Available when you login to your

Bug Fixes
• Fixed an issue where Ultralisk cleave range was being unintentionally extended by larger targets.

• Fixed an issue where the Phoenix’s Graviton Beam was automatically canceled if you used it just after the Phoenix reached 50 energy.

• Fixed an issue where queuing Return Cargo on a worker would cause it to ignore the built-in delay after it finished gathering.

• Fixed an issue where players watching older replays or saved games would experience stuttering.

• Fixed an issue where some Mac users were unable to join games properly.

Starcraft 2 Patch 1.1.0

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This patch features adjustments to protoss, terran, and zerg balance, notable StarCraft II Editor improvements, and several bug fixes.

– The Standard (US) and Standard for Lefties (US) hotkey configurations are now available in all regions.

– A new game clock has been added. Players can now instantly see how long they’ve been in their current mission or match. This feature can be turned on or off in the Gameplay Options menu.

– A new Quick Save option is now available for the single-player campaign. Players can now quickly save their mission progress by pressing Ctrl + Q.

– A new System Panel has been added. Players can now view their local time and FPS while in game by mousing over the Menu (F10) button in the upper-left hand corner of the game screen. Laptop users can also view Wi-Fi signal strength and battery levels.

– Sight granted by death reveal no longer lifts Fog of War. Units revealed in this manner are not targetable.

– (Mac only) Moved StarCraft II data files and settings from the Documents folder into the Application Support folder.

– Support for NVIDIA 3D Vision has been added. To experience StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty in 3D on your desktop or notebook, you will need 3D Vision. For more information, visit

** Supreme Commander 2 ** Patch V1.11

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Gas Powered Games has released a new patch for  Supreme Commander 2
The new update “addresses a number of issues with the game’s AI, including adding several new AI difficulty levels; a number of ease-of-use features in multiplayer game lobbies; and, a veritable HOST of AI and game play tweaks as well as specific unit behavior changes.”

New Features
* New AI categories are now available via the Skirmish or Multi-player lobby menu:
– Air: Focuses on Air units.
– Land: Focuses on Land units.
– Rush: Focuses on large amounts of land units and less on defense.
– Balanced: Balanced between Land and Air.
– Naval: Focuses on Naval units.
– Turtle: Focuses on defenses and Experimental.
– Random: Chooses one of the above based on various factors.
* Added the Steam avatar for each player on the multiplayer summary screen: This will let players click on the avatar image and access that player’s Steam profile. From there, they can add that player to their friends list if they’ve had a good match
* Added Mic Icons display in game when bringing up the in game score menu (F2) allowing players to mute individual players

* Added anti-cheating code that will detect modified lua files and prevent playing with unmodified users. This also prevents achievement and leaderboard updates. Still permits playing with others who have identically modified their games.
* Disconnections in Ranked: The game now tracks the number of disconnects a player has during Ranked 1v1 matches. If you exceed a certain percentage of disconnects to games played, they will count as losses instead of wins.

Aliens Vs Predator Patch #3

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Rebelion has issued another large patch for Aliens Vs Predator, their most recent first person shooter. While there’s no new maps in this update it does have quite a few small features and bug fixes.

Via Steam

New Features:
* In multiplayer damage from the Predator Smart Disc has been reduced, unless it’s a headshot.
* In multiplayer minor hits from the Predator Plasma Caster bolts will no longer knock down enemies.
* When joining a dedicated server on which a round is in-progress you now have a limited time to choose your species/team and skin before entering the game, if the game mode and server settings allow this.

Bug Fixes:
– Fixed clients not always being correctly notified that the game had ended.
– Improvements to the networking code used in dedicated server games to increase stability and reduce pings.
– DX11 optimisation when using tessellation
– Fixed DX11 gamma controls on NVIDIA boards
– Return to the server browsing screen instead of top-level menu when you fail to join a server
– Fixed the lobby timer not always displaying correctly on clients.
– Improved ‘SayTeam’ console command
– Improvements to ranked matchmaking
– Fixed occasional problems with peer-to-peer games after playing on a dedicated server
– Fixed rare multiplayer bug where all players would be disconnected during level load if just one of them had a network problem during the load.
– Fixed a cause of clients sometimes getting disconnected when pressing ALT+TAB or ALT+ENTER on the end-game scoreboard.
– Fixed predators being able to cancel other players Plasma Caster Lock-on.

Alien Vs Predator PC Patch V2.0

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Alien Vs Predator PC Patch V2.0 is now available via Steam.

The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted.
– Stability improvements to address rare and infrequent hangs
– Implemented a workaround for missing audio issues with certain hardware (SoundBlaster X-Fi, Realtek onboard, etc.)
– Fixed save games being lost or corrupted if connection to Steam is lost or if user switches to offline play

– Fixed XP being incorrectly affected by offline play (though only in the local stats; this will be corrected next time you connect to multiplayer)
– Fixed other players sometimes appearing to have the wrong weapon or continuing to fire indefinitely after dying
– Fixed rare issue where players would be temporarily invisible
– Fixed some selection of servers and players in menus sometimes being incorrect