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BioShock 2 Patch *Patch 1.001 First Patch*

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2K Games has released the first patch for the PC version of BioShock 2.

It fixes a number of bugs in the game discovered between going gold and its release, however, it does not have the much promised widescreen bug fix.

This new patch also managed to add a new bug in multiplayer mode where pressing the mouse button doesn’t register in the game and more.

Some folks in the official MP forum recommend to don’t patch the game

You can Download here

Or you can download  at  Patch Scrolls

– Fixed accepting a game invite on the Multiplayer Menu via Friend Invite causing a crash.
– Fixed a black screen that would occur minimizing and restoring the game in Windows 7.
– Fixed the ability to adopt or harvest Little Sisters after rebinding the ‘F’ or ‘B’ keys to Zoom, Fire or Fire Plasmid.
– Fixed Big Daddy HUD elements remaining on screen when not appropriate.
– Fixed an issue where the player’s plasmid hand would become unresponsive if they pressed the Next Plasmid key immediately after firing any chargeable plasmid (such as ElectroBolt 2).
– Fixed a potential save file issue.
– Fixed an issue where the resolution would change on its own if entering gameplay in a 16:10 resolution on a native 16:10 monitor.
– Fixed a problem where if you were running the game in a resolution higher than your desktop resolution the mouse cursor wouldn’t be able to go across the whole screen.
– Fixed an issue in Windows 7 where certain Radio messages could become scrambled or broken after defeating a Big Sister if Voice audio had been turned down or muted previously.
– Fixed a crash while playing Dionysus Park on a 32-bit machine.
– Fixed a crash that would occur sometimes loading a previous manual save made before any present QuickSave.
– Fixed a crash while signing in to GFWL when running compatibility mode for XP SP2 while running Vista.
– Fixed an issue where you couldn’t play audio diaries in certain areas.
– Fixed a rare crash that could occur any time before a specific Big Sister sequence.

Star Wars:The Old Republic “New Bounty Hunter Class”

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New Pics of the  BioWare’s New MMORPG

Star Wars :The Old Republic

New Class Revealed ” The Bounty Hunter ”

You can check out More Here

Crysis Wars Patch 1.3 (Ten Days of Free Play)

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If you’re seeking system-killing eye candy but don’t care for single-player gameplay, then you’re in luck. Starting today, gamers can take advantage of this great offer by registering online at and by downloading Crysis Wars.

After registration, players will receive a unique key generated on the site that will be saved to their profile, allowing them to play on all online multiplayer servers from Friday, December 19th at 9:00 AM PT to December 28th at 11:59 PM PT. The free sample period comes hand-in-hand with the 1.3 multiplayer patch, which reportedly adds two new official maps and fixes problems with custom assets in downloaded maps.

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Sins of a Solar Empire patch v1.1

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Stardock has released a new patch for Sins of a Solar Empire, bringing Ironclad’s space strategy game to version 1.1. The new version includes network improvements, a ‘major upgrade’ to graphics performance, updated and improved graphics, a mini-underground window, balance tweaks, improved, AI, bug-fixes, and more. In related new, fans that pre-order the expansion will be included in the upcoming beta for ‘Entrenchment’. Fans can pre-order the expansion at the Stardock Store.

Crysis Wars Patch v1.20

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As promised a couple days ago, Electronic Arts and Crytek have released a new patch (download) for Crysis Wars.

Updating the multiplayer suite for Crytek’s Crysis franchise and part of the Crysis Warhead package to version 1.2.

The 45.5MB download is mirrored on AtomicGamer,, FileFront, GH, and The Patches Scrolls.

Sacred 2: Fallen Angel Intro movie

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Ascaron Entertainment and cdv Software today announced that Sacred 2: Fallen Angel is shipping to North American stores, and the action/RPG should also soon be available for digital distribution via various online outlets.

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Call of Duty: World at War Patch v1.1

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Activision has released the first patch for Call of Duty: World at War, updating this first person shooter sequel developed by Treyarch Invention to version 1.1. Mods are now enabled in Co-op, Single Player, and Multiplayer. Also, license key is no longer required to run a Dedicated Server. The massive 317MB patch can be found on AusGamers, GH, WP.

– Mods are now enabled in Co-op, Single Player, and Multiplayer.
– Players will now be notified when a new patch is available.
– Improvements for SLI support.
– G_Spawn: no free entities crash has been fixed.
– Server no longer runs out of script variables.
– License key is no longer required to run a Dedicated Server.
– A Dedicated Server can now be started from the Command Line via Remote Desktop Connection.
– Various fixes in Server Browser.
– Players will no longer see multiple friend invites from the same friends.
– When a player calls in a recon plane in a Hardcore match, the HUD will properly appear.
– Clan Tags will now display in game where appropriate.
– Map holes fixed
– Spawn improvements and weapon balancing
– Remote desktop now works with dedicated servers