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Call of Duty: World at War Patch 1.5

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List Of Changes of COD 5 (World at War) patch 1.5 (972MB)

* CO-OP hosts can now kick players from their lobby
* Improved dog spawning in MP
* Addressed an issue with Zombie pathing
* Fixed an instance of the player model displaying incorrectly
* Some unhandled exception errors have been addressed
* Improved server browser’s refresh functionality when the Source is set to ‘Favorites’
* Added support for CODTV
* “cg_DrawFPS 1” now only displays FPS and cg ms/frame
* Added RCon command “teamstatus” to display players’ team information

Additionally, the following Modding items have been addressed – modders take note:

* Mods: Added joinsquad script function
* Mods: Players can now join CO-OP lobbies that are hosting map names with more than eighteen characters
* Mods: Users can now load custom maps when the usermaps folder contains fifty or more custom maps
* Mods: Removed the loading of duplicate assets that contributed to the ‘2048 materials’ error
* Mods: Increased the amount of mods displayable in the Mods menu
* Mods: Fixed a crash related to the mod.arena file

You can Download at Patch

DJ Hero now for Pre-orders

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Call of Duty: World at War PC Patch 1.2

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Call of Duty: World at War PC Patch v1.2 has finally been released. The update resolves numerous bugs, glitches and exploits in Treyarch’s shooter, and adds a re-lit “daytime version” of the Makin map.

The 498B patch can be found on,, CodHQ, FilePlanet, GH, ShackNews and WP.

Items fixed in 1.2:
* Free Multiplayer Map! The tide is out and the sun is high – this daytime version of Makin sheds new light on the battle!
* Fixed exploits that allowed for power ranking servers.
* Fixed router related server authentication errors.
* Fixed HTTP Redirect functionality for downloading mods.
* Fixed sound device crashes stemming from Emulated Sound Devices.
* Fixed exploit which allowed players to color their name tag.
* Hits now register properly while targeted player is leaning.
* Enabled /cg_drawfps in multiplayer games.
* Fixed command-line +connect functionality.
* /cg_fov no longer resets to the default value in between matches.
* Dedicated servers automatically reconnect to the Master Server in case the Master Server resets.
* “Accept Game Invite” is bound to its default key, F10.
* Implemented fix for attempting to join password protected servers from the server browser.
* Fine tuned Bolt-Action Rifles for balance.
* Screenshots no longer overwrite each other.

Call of Duty: World at War (Mod Tools)

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Activision and Treyarch have released the official mod tools for Call of Duty: World at War, allowing users to manipulate the game and create their own designs.

The 1.1GB package can also be found on AtomicGamer, BigDownloads, FileShack, GH. Note that CoD4 Mod Tools requires your video drivers and DirectX to be up to date.

Developed by Treyarch, the wartime shooter hit PC, PS3, Wii and Xbox 360 earlier in the month, accompanied by the Rebellion-crafted PS2 version and n-Space’s DS edition.

Call of Duty: World at War Patch v1.1

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Activision has released the first patch for Call of Duty: World at War, updating this first person shooter sequel developed by Treyarch Invention to version 1.1. Mods are now enabled in Co-op, Single Player, and Multiplayer. Also, license key is no longer required to run a Dedicated Server. The massive 317MB patch can be found on AusGamers, GH, WP.

– Mods are now enabled in Co-op, Single Player, and Multiplayer.
– Players will now be notified when a new patch is available.
– Improvements for SLI support.
– G_Spawn: no free entities crash has been fixed.
– Server no longer runs out of script variables.
– License key is no longer required to run a Dedicated Server.
– A Dedicated Server can now be started from the Command Line via Remote Desktop Connection.
– Various fixes in Server Browser.
– Players will no longer see multiple friend invites from the same friends.
– When a player calls in a recon plane in a Hardcore match, the HUD will properly appear.
– Clan Tags will now display in game where appropriate.
– Map holes fixed
– Spawn improvements and weapon balancing
– Remote desktop now works with dedicated servers

Spider-Man: Web of Shadows Tricia Helfer Trailer

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