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NVIDIA Plans *Optimus*(Switch hybrid graphics technology)

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NVIDIA today formally unwrapped Optimus, a hybrid graphics technology that it promises will solve many of the problems of performance and battery life on notebooks.

It can switch from integrated to dedicated graphics and back while the system is still active and logged in, providing a completely transparent experience for power saving; users can run on Intel’s integrated graphics to save power but turn on the dedicated graphics in as little as 300ms. It can even turn on the dedicated GPU per app and accelerate certain tasks, such as 3D or a YouTube video, only when the hardware is necessary.

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9-year old working on *Fifth-Microsoft Certification*

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Say Hello to Marko Calasan. He’s nine years old and lives in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.

He’s also Microsoft Certified four times over and working on his fifth certificate. (And he prefers Bing.)

This is the type of story that warms your heart but also makes you feel a little bad about yourself. Why? Because still in his single digits, Marko is more computer literate than many of us will ever be. Here he describes his first memories of using a computer:

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*New* Alienware M11x Notebook Review

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Alienware exclusives by reviewing one of the first M11x samples.

With the M11x Alienware take advantage of the new GeForce GT 335M GPU with the intention of building the world’s first 11″ gaming system.

In this article we will be finding out if they have achieved this goal of allowing us to game on the move at 720p as well as running the system through a number of tests including 1080p playback and GPU computing tasks to establish if the system is more than just a gamers dream.

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Panasonic’s LED blub last for 19 years

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The EverLed series of lightbulbs, scheduled to be released in Japan on October 21, are the most efficient LEDs to ever be produced.

With the E26 “daytime light” model using 85 lumens per watt for 40W bulbs and 82.6 lm/W for the 60W bulbs.

The E26 bulbs are also lighter than other LEDs by approximately 40g.

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WI-FI 802.11N promises “Fast Speeds”

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FINAL FINAL WiFi next logo

Products based on the final 802.11 n standard could offer up to 600 Mbps connectivity speeds, plus the ability to have up to four simultaneous streams of high-definition video, voice and data through the house.

The standard also promises easy backward compatibility, which means new devices will work smoothly with older products.

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Windows 7 Upgrade Chart

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Very Easy chart for Upgrading to Windows 7 all Versions


You can check out the “Full Size View” at [H]ard OCP

Hackers use (D.O.S Attacks) on Twitter

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Twitter was shut down for hours Thursday morning by what it described as an “ongoing” denial-of-service attack, silencing millions of Tweeters.

It was the first major outage the service has suffered in months and possibly the first ever due to sabotage.

What is a D.O.S Attack(Denial of Service)???– more info at

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