*Update* Supreme Commander 2 Patch#2

Download Available on via Steam

Bug Fixes and Improvements
Private games have been replaced with Friends Only games. This means that you can mark a game as “Friends Only” and it will only be seen in your friends’ “Friends” tab

The game browser has two new filters: Show Passworded games, and Show All Regions (both off by default)

Added “Test Ping” to the Skirmish menu, which will simulate in game traffic volume (based on number of players) for 5 seconds. This will help players find problematic network connections before getting into a game

Color coding on pings in skirmish lobby. When a ping is greater than 400 it will be yellow, and when greater than 500 it will be red

Games list in the games browser can now be sorted on each column

Cybran and Illuminate air factory veterancy fix: factories now calculate veterancy rate correctly

Fix to ACU not firing after activating its reclaim beam, while issuing a move order

ACUs can now be attacked while under water

Air units are no longer damaged if they fly over an activated Magnetron

Balance and Tuning

UEF P-Shield shield Health increased by 25%

Universal Colossus can now also be unlocked by researching the Urchinow

Overcharge cooldown increased to 35 seconds. Was 25

Transport build costs increased by 50%. Reduced Health to 4000. Was 4500

Darkenoid primary beam weapon Damage increased by 50%

Cybran Air Radar, Cybran Air Vision, Illuminate Land Vision, UEF Air Vision, UEF Land Radar, UEF Naval Radar and UEF Naval Sonar research all reduced by 1 Research Point

Illuminate ACU Radar boost increased to +175%. Was +100%

UEF ACU Radar and Vision boosts increased to +150%. Was +100%

UEF Fighter & Bomber shield Health decreased to 175. Was 200

Gunship Speed reduced to 6. Was 8. Shield Health decreased to 150. Was 600. Build Time increased to 27. Was 24

UEF ACU Artillery research cost increased to 6. Was 4. Damage Radius reduced to 5. Was 6

Cybran mobile artillery Movement Speed reduced to 2.8. Was 3.2

Cybran Carrier build cost reduction of 33% added

All factions’ ACU AA upgrade Damage increased by 25%

Airnomo cost decreased 10%. Health increased to 13,000. Was 10,000. AA damage increased 50%. Direct Fire damage decreased 50%

Cybran Battleship AA Damage reduced by 40%

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