Torchlight v1.15 Patch

Runic Games has its PC action- RPG-Torchlight to version 1.15, adding some new challenges and fixing various miscellaneous issues in the process.

Word is: “Patch 1.15 includes 5 new challenge room maps to test your bravery and wit!

New players can now obtain these maps as rewards for completing various quests from Vasman in Torchlight. New challenges await in the Tomb of the Awakened, Estherian Ruins, Dwarven Fortress, Molten Prison, and Black Palace.”



Updated  Fixes
* Root Golem Fire Breath now deals damage
* Ember Bolt had a bad value in higher levels
* Zealot lightning bolt now does damage
* Gem effects accumulating when recovering from socketed items
* Sushi Helm Recipe fix
* Added Blind Effect for modders
* New Unittype of Bossmap for modders
* Multiple spelling fixes
* Fixed a few spots where floor tiles where missing or had the wrong collision set
* Fixed various locations where monsters were getting stuck in some levels
* Limited Multi-language support added for modders ( tool coming )
* You can now attach layouts to items – for modders
* You can now have up to 50 waypoints – for modders
* Scale effect can now be permanent – for modders Soul Rend magic damage scales with strength and magic 50%, 50%
* Doom Quake, Titan Stomp dmg scales with strength 50%
* Needle Arc dot damage scales with strength and dex 100%, 100%
* Ember Lightning additionally deals 20% of weapon damage on the first chain
* Magic Weapon expertise passive does not interact strangely with other passives around level 9
* Shock Trap now scales with ranks.
* Flame Trap and Shock Trap now scale with pet mastery.
* Ember Lance no longer stops passive buffs


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