T-Mobile Giving Away Free Mobile Phone Games


Are you tired of spending far too much money on cell phone games? Wouldn’t it be nice if they didn’t cost you a thing and you didn’t have to jump through any legal loopholes to get said free games? T-Mobile agrees.

That’s why T-Mobile is going to be the first UK operator to offer its users a plethora of free games. Funded by advertising, customers can access at least one new game per week by joining T-Mobile’s Game Club. The first free game available to consumers is Poker Million II, which is funded by advertisers including Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa, from Paramount Pictures. Games scheduled to appear in the coming weeks include IQ Booster, Pro-Bowling, Pool Star and Einstein’s Brain Game. Digistores’ service will only offer customers games that are compatible with their particular handsets and can automatically detect the games that will work on individual devices.

The games are available to people who subscribe to T-Mobile’s web’n’walk (internet). In exchange for simply watching two full-screen, targeted adverts before starting the game and two adverts after the game has finished, customers get the game for free and will not be hit with any hidden charges.

Within the UK, customers will not be charged for the data required for downloading the game or accessing the adverts. The full screen, interstitial adverts are interactive and enable the user to visit an advertiser’s mobile site or even click to call or text the advertiser. There will be no limitations on the number of games that can be downloaded or how many times each game can be played.


2 Responses to “T-Mobile Giving Away Free Mobile Phone Games”

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