Blu-ray Disc ripper for BD-Live titles released


The software called Blu-ray Disc Ripper 1.4 (download) is believed to be one of the most widely used applications of its type and, at least according to our knowledge, the first to support the BD-Live extension. The basic functionality of the 37.2 KB program enables users to copy a Blu-ray to a hard drive from the original disc, from a mounted virtual image or from another location on a hard drive. Besides the disc users will need a key that is unique to each movie. Users contributing to the Doom9 forum regularly publish those keys.  What makes the 1.4 release unique is the fact that copies the ‘AACS’ folder, which the author claims ‘might’ be needed ‘for BD-Live enabled titles to decrypt related downloaded content.’ In effect, the ripper not only copies a disc, but also its extended functionality, which is considered by movie studios as one of the most important features of future Blu-ray titles.   In related news, other users of the Doom9 forum also cracked the Blu-ray protection system BD+, a system that was predicted to hold up for at least a decade.


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