Restaurateur ‘beaten up’ by 83-year-old nuns


An Italian man has claimed he was beaten up by two 83-year-old nuns and a priest over a restaurant ownership row.

Aniello Esposito, 49, said he turned up to his restaurant in Rutino, Campania, to find the three holy people smashing furniture and crockery.

When he tried to stop them the priest struck him with a chair and the elderly ladies kicked him on the ground.

He was taken to the hospital with bruises on his neck and stomach.

The mother superior of the convent said the nuns had been removing furniture because the convent owned the property and Esposito was in illegal possession.

A lawyer for the nuns said: ‘The nuns and the priest arrived to find a wall had been knocked down and seating installed. I don’t know how this man was hurt, but the two nuns are 83 and did not cause any injury.’

Esposito said the convent was angry because he was giving out receipts when they wanted the business run ‘under the table’.


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