King’s Head returning Home

Ghana is demanding that the Dutch return the head of King Badu Bonsu II. The head is kept in a preserving jar in a department of the University of Leiden. It’s likely that the Netherlands stole the head in Ghana in the 19th century out of revenge for the murder of two Dutchmen.

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8 Responses to “King’s Head returning Home”

  1. if returned what will they do with it?

  2. The question is not just returning of King Badu Bonsu head but to make known who took it off and why.

    The reason why the Dutch took the head with them to the Netherlands and what have they doen to the head so far.

    Will it be possible to know if there are many other Ghanaian heads in jars in the Netherlands.

    I think for peace seek we need to address this issues.

  3. Afrikatu Kofi Says:

    l want to know why the Dutch took the Kings head to the Netherlands in the first place?What have they done with it so far and while they are still keeping the head of a RoyalfromAfrika?In Europe, such a situation will have amounted to war.Do you remember what trigered the Second world war?Please return the Royal Head to the original owners without delay.For anyone to ask a Ghanaian what he or she will do with the head of a dead Ancestor and for the matter a Royal Ancestor is very ignorant of the Ghanian tradition and culture.Please return this Royal Head without furhter delay.Thank you for reading.Afrikatu Kofy

  4. Where is the kings body. They should return the body a swell.

  5. Josuga Mushanga Says:

    The damn king killed two dutchmen. He should be haunted in the afterlife. Keep the damn head and let him wander in hell for eternity. Thou shalt not kill, old king!

  6. the king killed becuz it was war.. if you guys want to keep the head .. keep it and i want you to also know that .. there more more dutchmen here in Ghana now .. we will also kill them and use them for blood money.. or maybe give their bodies to crocodiles… i know 3 of duchwomen here in my area i will take very good care of them and post their head to the University of Leiden… trust me

  7. lijkt raar dat ze een dood hoofd willen krijgen – eww gooi ‘t weg!

  8. Not all is fair in war Josuga. It’s not respectful to threat dead people like that. No matter what they did. If you are a true believer, then you know it’s not up to you to judge. I’m not saying it’s good that he killed some Dutch men, but also millions of slaves were killed or taking from their families . It’s better to recognize our past and hopefully learn from it.

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