Europeans may soon be paying less for “Texting and Calling”

The European Commission has proposed legislation to limit the price of sending a text message, or SMS, from one EU country to another to no more than 11 euro cents, a drop of up to sixty per cent on current prices.

The proposals still have to receive the backing of the European Parliament and of the EU’s 27 member states before they can come into force, possibly as early as next summer. However, mobile operators complain that this will eat too sharply into their revenues and they will lobby to soften the plans.

The GSM Association, which includes companies such as Orange, Telefonica, and Vodafone, says previous regulation to limit prices has led to a 26 per cent fall in revenues.


2 Responses to “Europeans may soon be paying less for “Texting and Calling””

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  2. A fall in revenues is acceptable when the said revenue has been attained by breaking EU competition rules… Below is my post on the matter; I think there is MUCH more that the European Union can do for consumers:

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